EEGtopo is a program to create montage layouts, topoplots and other graphics based on EEG electrode locations.

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Welcome to EEGtopo.




Download the binary.


Build from source.

Install the PKGBUILD from Arch Linux User Repository (AUR).

Basic Usage

  1. Start up a terminal (or the command line)
  2. Change to the location of the binary file
  3. For a start, lets create an EEG layout consisting of 5 electrodes around Cz.
$ eegtopo -e Fz C3 Cz C4 Pz -o laplacian.pdf

This creates a file, laplacian.pdf, that shows schematically the locations of the electrodes Fz, C3, Cz, C4, and Pz.

For more advanced or fine-grained control over your plots, you will need to create small script files or check out the command line options. There is also a Matlab wrapper.